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Sophie Ayres10:04:17

Bowers &amp; Wilkins | Remote Senior Clojure/Cloud Engineer | Remote, need to be UK based | Full-time | £40 - £70k • Bowers & Wilkins are looking for a Senior Cloud Engineer to get involved with cloud development and architecture for smart speakers and other products 🔈 • Ideally you'll be an experienced Clojure developer, well versed in AWS software development 💻 • Any experience with data storage, SQL and agile practices are a bonus! Check out the full job spec on our platform here - If you have any questions or are interested please feel free to direct message or send them via email to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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Ivan Fedorov15:04:19

Hey, I’m a frontend-centric full-stack dev looking to create value for your company.  Ideally a contract longing from 2 weeks to a year.  CV: Bits and baubles: