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Hi Clojurians! Hope this message finds you well. #fulltime #directhire 40 hours - not overworked, #remote or on-site in St Louis, NYC, DC. I’m looking for a Clojure/ClojureScript Engineer to join ML/AI Software team with the US based company. All about functional programming, microservices. If you have commercial experience using Clojure/ClojureScript - feel free to text me :) US ONLY Have a great day everyone

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Hi all, Hope everyone here is doing great! We’re an NYC based software company looking for Clojure developers to build, K3, our low-code data platform. Full stack, remote work (US preferred), willing to sponsor for H1B. Come join a growing, flat organization, focused on our culture, and making it easy for users to manage data streams. See the job description here: thanks vivek

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