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Hi, all. We're growing and need mid to senior level Clojure engineers ASAP. Ride Health is an NYC company w/ competitive pay. US only. Remote. We have several options and other interesting technologies, but if you choose you can stay 100% behind the scenes building Clojure microservices on managed Confluent Kafka. Lots of service haven't even been started yet. Come join the fun. Other projects include building Clojure-based DSL*s for internal use. Build web UIs. Work with our *Elixir portion, if you so choose. The world is your oyster. Learn Crux on the job. <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> - shoot me a message if you're interested

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Hey guys, we're looking for Junior-to-Mid level clojure devs! If you're interested please apply here:


Hi folks! At Inspire Fitness we are small dev team focused on innovative solutions in the exercise and fitness space. We are looking for another mid to senior level backend Clojure developer to join our team. US based from CA, CO, or KY (those are the states we're registered or will be registered to do business in). More information here:

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@U064X3EF3 Sure! Would love to.

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