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Hi all! We're a start-up looking for a lead developer, in Paris/France. The tech stack is clojurescript, react-native, node js, k8s/AWS. The project is helping users invest in green ETFs. It's a full time job. PM me with your experience/projects/cv if you're interested.

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I’m looking for a Senior SWE role (remote or LA Area[Ventura county]): I have used everything from Python to Java to Common Lisp. I have been maintaining an analytics pipeline and dashboards written in a combination of Clojure and React for the last couple years and would be interested in building on this experience. PM me and I’ll share my resume and contact info.


Griffin is hiring for frontend, backend and infrastructure engineering. We are building a modern, API-first UK bank, think AWS for financial services (creating bank accounts, making payments, issuing cards, etc). We’re building a system that needs to correctly, reliably process thousands of transactions per second. The tech stack is Clojure, Kafka, Datomic, Kubernetes, AWS. We’re hiring in the UK, and anywhere supported by See all postings at

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