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Hola! We're looking for a frontend developer who either knows ClojureScript already or is committed to learning it while working with us. We're writing our cljs application with reagent and re-frame and looking for someone to join us full-time. The product we're building is essentially a "Design tool -> Native mobile app" converter, currently working for transforming Figma documents into native android and ios apps. You can read more about Bravo Studio here: Got the job ad posted here: I'm open to any questions either as replies to this message in a thread or <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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Hi, is it on-site only or remote possible?


hello @UU05LD55G ideally we want someone who can be here in Barcelona, but if your skillset really matches or exceeds our expectations, we're happy to be more flexible around that


cool, thanks!

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hipster coder21:05:40

Will any of the project be open sourced on Github?


Hopefully, it's something I want to do but not sure when I can have the time to do so