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We are FinTech Clojure/Clojurescript shop looking for experienced engineers that are interested in functional programming and working in an unorthodox organizational structure (our teams dont have traditional people managers), mature DevOps, teams owning their products from inception to operation, self-service vast majority of infrastructure needs with about 70 engineers so far (and growing quickly). The company has around 6000 employees, IT has top notch people, we pay well and are very well positioned in the mortgage space. The company is having our best year ever! Last year we moved from #8 consumer lender in US to #5 Our culture is carefully designed to make engineering teams as productive as possible and we take quality of our interactions very seriously. We’ve have been really successful at hiring mature adults that understand “strong opinions, loosely held” and “disagree and commit”. Open to on-site (our office is in downtown Chicago) or Remote (US-only), full time candidates only. Interested? let me know!

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Jacob O'Bryant23:04:47

This sounds like a great position; what's the name of the company? (I'm not looking for a job myself, just curious).


Thirty seconds of googling and you're almost guaranteed to figure it out

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@U09FPJ924 I rate that as a passable answer.

Jacob O'Bryant03:04:12

I have the possibly unpopular opinion that job listings should just say the name of the company they're advertising, but yes, I did find it. Good puns all around 🙂 It's for anyone else who didn't already know.

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Yeah, I don't get why folks don't just share the company name when they're an employee. Recruiters are obviously trying to intermediate, so it makes sense for them to obscure that information. Employees though... why? Is it a referral bonus thing?

Mario C.16:04:47

They are a competitor to the company I work at 😅 . Interesting that they also use Clojure though.