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Hi everyone! ArcheMedX is hiring for a few different positions. A little about us - We are a well-funded, revenue producing, early stage company based out of Charlottesville Virginia that applies behavioral science to improve learning and generate actionable insights to improve clinical care. The ArcheMedX platform accelerates the research of new medicines and delivery of better care to millions of patients. Every member of our team has a meaningful stake in our success. If you are interested in taking on an impactful role building software that is transforming the healthcare and life science industries and truly making people’s lives better, let’s talk! • Senior ClojureScript Engineer (Serverless | Backend | NodeJS | AWS) - • Senior Data Engineer (ETL | DBT | Looker) - • Senior ClojureScript Engineer (Frontend | re-frame/reagent | React) -

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May I ask you kindly, If you have a twitter account, would you please cross-post it here? It is really nice to see that even in dark times like these, we still have companies hiring.