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In case you missed it over the holidays, I'm still hiring a ClojureScript engineer to join my team at Cervest:

Josue Diaz18:01:52

Hello everyone. We’re hiring for the role of senior software engineer. Who do you know might be a good fit?  We are also hiring "recovering" entrepreneurs for multiple key roles at a fast-growing startup;utm_source=mail&amp;utm_medium=slk

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@josued are these Clojure related jobs?


> We use multiple frameworks to improve our chances of success: the scientific method, user-driven design, Kanban, Material Design, Vue, Scala, Kotlin, OAuth, KPIs, AARRR, etc. You can learn them on the go.


I see no Clojure involved


this appears to just be spam

Josue Diaz18:01:16

Yes, those are just some of the frameworks we use and as you can see you don't need to know them, as long as you have experience with any stack.

Josue Diaz18:01:39

No, this is a real offer. You would be working with Alex Torrenegra


i believe its a real offer, it just doesn't appear to be an offer of a clojure related job


No clojure there. Its truly unrelated, i may suppose the author dont even know what does clojure mean,