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Cervest is hiring a Frontend Engineer to help us build forecasting and risk management tools to encourage sustainable land use. No prior experience of ClojureScript needed, we will teach you (great if you have some) - but we're looking for a good understanding of Javascript, React and CSS. It's a great role for someone with some web dev experience who's looking to learn a bunch of new things - GIS, data visualisation, climate forecasting and of course Clojurescript. London, no remote (sorry), no agencies please

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Is your company willing to hire from outside EU?


I’m a pretty great fit for this kind of role. It’s super close to Christmas and time off for people so how soon could we expect to hear back from Cervest after submitting an application? :)


hi @UJRDALZA5, you'd need the right to work in the UK - unfortunately we can't sponsor visas yet i'm afraid


@U05095F2K yes sorry, it was all a bit hectic around the holidays. if you're interested in applying then please send your CV to me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>, or alternatively i'd be happy to have a chat on the phone to explain more about the role and help you decide whether to apply (this would not be an interview, i would not ask you questions!)


@U053032QC all good. Thanks for getting back to me. I ended up taking a job using Clojure here in Berlin.


Oh great, there are lots of interesting companies there, I hope you found a good one!

Michael Al-Iskalachi19:12:58

Hi everyone, 👋 I have a new required for a Senior Clojure Engineer working on a high-profile greenfield project for an Investment Bank based in NYC. They are hiring a Senior Engineer who has a strong FP and UI background. The project sits within the equities derivatives function and you’ll be working alongside ten other engineers, from full stack, back end and UI specialists. It's a long-term contract engagement and the work is due to start ASAP. You’ll be tasked with developing a high performing, real-time pricing and data visualization application for trading desks/front office purposes. This will all be developed in Clojure server side and ClojureScript/React on the front end. There is Java middleware layer, an API layer connecting to Bloomberg, Reuters etc. (static), plus a price engine fed by quants. The project will also be heavily driven by TDD/Agile standards. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please send me a direct message or email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Thanks! 🙂

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How likely are you to sponsor visa? For the right candidate.

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Michael Al-Iskalachi15:12:16

Unfortunately there is no sponsorship for this position.


are you open to folks working from the West Coast?

Michael Al-Iskalachi22:12:52

Hi @U628K7XGQ this position is onsite only in NYC.