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Hi Clojurians! Bit of a long shot, but is anyone willing to create a role which is 50% senior iOS developer / 50% Clojure developer? I have 9 years of iOS experience and enjoy hacking on simple Lisp interpreters / compilers in my hobby time.


Where are you based?


Mhmm… your background sounds exciting! 🙂 We’re building up the mobile team at Pitch atm and are looking for experienced mobile engineers who are excited about getting into CLJS. We have an open position for a experienced react-native engineer, but we’re open to talented and engaged folks in general 🙂 Here’s the job posting: Let me know if you have questions. I’d love to answer them!


Interested in relocating to either San Mateo or Quebec City?


(also happy to take a Clojure internship if it leads to a full-time position 🙂