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UL is looking for a talented Clojure developer to work in the Kansas City area. We are a multi-stack team with a mix of Clojure and .NET. We are ideally looking for somebody with Clojure experience or a solid history of full stack development and a desire to learn Clojure.

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Griffin is looking for a backend / infrastructure engineer to join us in London. We are a dedicated Clojure/script company with an event-driven architecture. We’re building an API-first bank and are currently going through the authorisation process with the PRA and FCA.

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Sarka Urbankova21:11:06

Hello everyone from Kira Systems. We are a software company from Toronto building a machine learning software for text analysis and extraction. Our back-end is in Clojure, the machine learning part in Go and front-end is in clojurescript and React. We do remote and relocation. Please stop by at our stand at the Clojure Conference if you are going. Otherwise, please check out our openings if you are open to new challenges. We do full-stack but also roles focused on FE or BE.

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Since you're open to hiring remote folks, you might consider cross-posting to #remote-jobs but make sure you list any restrictions on where those remote folks can be (anywhere in Canada? North America? Anywhere globally?).

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And see you next week at Conj!

Filipe Silva09:11:39

the development jobs don't seem to allow remote though

Sarka Urbankova19:11:05

Hi Sean, thank you for letting me know. I will post it there as well.

Sarka Urbankova19:11:53

Hi Felipe, the Senior Software Developer role is open for remote as long as there is not much time difference between the place and Toronto. So we are looking at the US and Canada right now. We do relocate people to Toronto as well.