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Hi, I'm the data science lead at a Singaporean startup called Intelllex and we are looking for a junior Clojure developer to join our team. We do NLP in the context of legal documents and knowledge management. Most of our current data processing pipelines as well as our future DS projects are in Clojure. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested!


Local or remote? Full time or part time? When you say junior what exactly do you mean? Junior in Clojure, Data Science? Both? Responsibilities of the position? Do you offer DS training for candidates without DS background?


Hi! the position is local (Singapore) and full time. Junior in Clojure, meaning some experience in it, comfortable enough to be independent, but you won't be isolated and the rest of the team will be there to support you. That being said, this is our first Clojure dev hire (I brought Clojure to the company 8 months ago and a few of my colleagues picked it up since). No prior knowledge in data science is required although of course an interest in it or prior experience is a plus. Candidates with no DS background will learn as they go: we have to teach lawyers for example too. They will also have the possibility to get involved as much as they like in the DS part. We are flexible on that but keeping in mind that we are looking for a Clojure dev not a data scientist.