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Jaya Lalwani12:08:39

Quze is looking for talented, meticulous and thoughtful Backend and Platform Engineer to join us in creating the future of learning. Please email your CVs at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> The job is open to people open to work remotely or from Mumbai. This is a full time requirement. Company’s Description: At Quze, we are building products and services to help learners learn and educate themselves better. We strongly believe that human potential is the most valuable resource and we want to help people reach their full potential. Back-end engineer's Job Description: You’ll focus on the backend and infrastructure of our entire stack, working closely with lead engineers of the team. You will be involved heavily on the product-development process, designing and developing powerful, scalable APIs. You will be brought in the ideation meetings, as well as expected to contribute to the overall backend architecture and deployment process. This should describe you: 1. You write beautiful, maintainable code. 2. You have been building insane products personally and professionally for 2+ years. 3. You have experience working and delivering in a remote environment. 4. Your preferred language is Java and you are fluent with Java technologies. 5. You are fluent in Java, Python, or Javascript. You are experienced in backend frameworks like Spring, Express, Django, Flask etc. 6. You can handle Relational Databases like a pro. 7. You are at home when you are writing raw SQL and using JDBC. 8. You have worked earlier with Elasticsearch and can form complex queries and aggregations with ease and know elasticsearch inside out. 9. You have significant experience using AWS services like EC2, S3, RDS, SES, SQS, Lambda, Cloudwatch, Cognito etc. 10. You have experience developing applications in an event-driven and distributed nature using the full power of cloud. 11. You have deep insight into different architectural and design patterns that should be used to model the code as well as the services and applications for the platform. 12. You have a lot of fun deploying web services on AWS. 13. You have experience and are always constantly learning about new DevOps tools (Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Sentry, Datadog, Splunk). 14. You have built web crawlers and scrapers using Python and BeautifulSoup, Scrapy or Selenium. 15. You love writing automated tests for code and want a high test coverage. 16. You have some experience with front-end build tools such as Lerna, Yarn, or Webpack. 17. You are a gifted communicator. You can explain the most technical concepts to your parents with ease. 18. You want to grow into a company leader. You will work with the leadership team to build company culture and help shape our future.

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that is a long job post


which lacks a word Clojure


beautiful code in insane projects. You have built web crawlers with BeautifulSoup.

Jaya Lalwani13:08:55

I apologise for the length of the post but that's the kind of requirement the company has. I'll try to cut it short.


What about the "no Clojure" part? If the job does not involve Clojure it's rightly considered a spam post and likely to be removed.


nor do you say where this job is... any clues?


or did I miss it in the long list?

Dmytro Bunin13:08:24

> The job is open to people open to work remotely or from Mumbai.


aah at the top... doh


I just kept looking at the long list... not at the top...but I have added the flag now... that helps a little.


so why post it here on the Clojurians slack @jaya ?


If there is an opportunity to do things in Clojure(Script) please say so... otherwise please don't post it here as this is most likely a waste of your (and our) time.

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B Dabhi17:08:55

Hi Guys, I have 5+ year of experience as Fullstack developer (PHP/Laravel + Reactjs). I am learning clojurescript. I am also looking for part-time work at the same time. I am available 30 hours a week. Let me know if there is anyone who is looking for a freelancer. I am willing to work at a low rate as I don't know clojurescript that much (Though I will deliver quality code only as I will be following the best practice) and also it will help me put clojurescript as a skill on my portfolio. You can check my portfolio at Portfolio: Resume: I build a few things in my spare time like below: