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Hi! We are a French team, based in the south of France (sunny weather, cool working) and we run most of our back stack in Clojure! We are a small team, but we are growing and hiring! (no remote, need you to be in France => Paris or Montpellier) Please find here our offers:

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@jean.boudet11 are you able to sponsor work visas?


Zendy (by Knowledge E) is looking for a Clojure developer to help build the next generation discovery service for scientific research. We aim at making academic content more accessible and easy to find for scholars all around the world. This position involves grappling with large sets of data using Apache Spark, Elastic Search, Datomic Ions, and GraphQL, and refining them by implementing scientific algorithms. Fully remote, or in Dubai. The current team is fully distributed.

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Griffin is still hiring in onsite in London. We’re building an API-first bank for fintechs and startups. Think AWS for financial services. We’re hiring backend and frontend engineers. Stack: Clojure, Clojurescript, Kafka, Postgres, AWS, Kube.