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Doctronic, a software company located in Bonn, Germany would like to (inc clojure-developer)

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Hey everyone, we have another position for you to have a look at ๐Ÿ™‚ We're looking for Clojure Engineers with an interest in functional programming to join a socially conscious team and use Clojure to help them further develop their leading platform. They currently have 1.4 million users!

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bit sad that you can't read the full description without having to signup... Clicking on "See more" yields "Login or register to see the full job description!"...


also, maybe I'm missing something fairly obvious, but seems the company name is not listed at all in the ad?


hey @UEJ5FMR6K, to see the full description and company name, along with the full tech stack, exact location, exact salary, any open source issues they have ๐Ÿ‘ available, you will need to log in.


Good news is you can just use your GitHub, which pulls in only public information available from your account.Also, you can easily unsubscribe from all of our emails if you don't want to hear from us.


ah, I see. Bit sad that the incentives seems misaligned there. People won't want to login unless they can see the necessary details first, but you hide them behind a login.


Thanks for the feedback Victor. I have passed it onto the team!


@ramart best job posting ever! Skill Test #1 if you canโ€™t read this go home.

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