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Hi all! My team at Rapid7 is hiring engineers in our San Francisco and Stockholm offices, we prefer local people but are always happy to talk to anyone who is interested. We are building a Runtime Application Self-Protection product that helps keep our customers apps safe! The backend consists of a bunch of Clojure microservices and one Scala monolith, and our data lives in Kafka, Postgres, Cassandra and Druid. The front end is ~80-85% ClojureScript (reagent + re-frame) and the rest is a legacy angular app. feel free to reach out to me if you are interested or have any questions!

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Hello, a contact of mine is looking for a Clojure-savvy CTO/Lead Developer for their (very interesting, IMO) startup called Ourhub. They are building smart “boxes” that are installed around cities and contain shared material for sports and other outdoor activities. A few boxes are already live around Copenhagen, and new locations around Europe are in the works. From what I know, there’s a Clojure backend, a ClojureScript React-Native mobile app, plus some very interesting hardware already developed. Read more and apply at:

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