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Al Baker20:01:53

hey folks, (cross-post in #remote-jobs) -- got more spots opening up on my team at Stardog. We build knowledge graphs for enterprises, most famously for NASA and human spaceflight, but branching out and building proof of concepts. Clojure is our choice language, and you get all of the zen-like goodness of data driven architecture in Stardog, querying w/ datalog (essentially), and representing business logic as data. Remote is cool, minimal travel, and you'd be one of now many clojurians to find their way here


Looked at a few of the roles and saw Java mentioned a lot but no Clojure?

Al Baker14:01:03

the Stardog Servies Engineer is where we do most of the clojure work as our choice language for building things that integrate between customer environments and Stardog

Al Baker14:01:24

e.g. the thing that moves most of the data around and into Stardog at NASA is written in clojure


Some UK based Clojure roles can be found at RecWorks is a community driven recruitment company based in the UK and have been branching out to Clojure jobs over the last year or two. They are an honest bunch that actually care about developers. RecWorks support the Java and wider JVM community and started a Meet a Mentor community, putting developers in touch with each other. If you are looking for a Clojure role (or anything on the JVM) then you can also register your interest via this form” Full disclosure: I do not work for RecWorks, but I do know the founder and have run many community events with them.


There's more to the UK than London, you know 😉


Thanks for mentioning this, though, I hadn't seen it before


a friendly advice: their landing page is way too big, the hero background image is 1.47MB by itself


I quite like the website, although I think the search box should be bigger (I have my own tastes, and in no way am a UX/UI expert)


@UC3QUCV60 Its great to see Bristol and Edinburgh living the Clojure dream too 🙂 I am sure there are many other wonderful places in the UK that have a thing for Clojure too...


I mean the size of the page in megabytes, not the looks… it might be quite slow to load on mobile


Swirrl are currently hiring in mcr after all


@U05254DQM I don't see anything in Bristol on that page. There used to be a big Clojure shop three years ago, unfortunately it got shut down. The folk that used to work there interspersed to different places, some staying in Bristol, some, like myself, eventually leaving for London. There's probably 3-4 different places that have varying degree of Clojure buy-in in Bristol that I know of, whether or not they are hiring (and hiring for Clojure specifically) is another matter entirely.


@U067BPAB1 OVO was the company I knew of in Bristol that were using Clojure. They were advertising roles in 2018


They are predominantly Scala from what I know about them, but there is a kernel of Clojure stuff that ex-MixRadians that work there have built. Audiogum is ex-MixRadio as well, in fact this company was started by folk who worked at MixRadio and is technically in the same space (music industry). There is also Polecat which I think was advertising some Clojure last year, and a fellow ex-MixRadian worked there, and a language learning startup/company (also kickstarted by ex-MixRadians).