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Calling all Senior Clojure Backend Engineers + Senior Clojure/Clojurescript full stack Engineers. Hello from The App Nest. We’re building a challenging product incorporating game theory and creating a platform that serves as a social media, content, ecommerce and brand engagement platform for the luxury fashion space. The data we acquire will make for interesting use cases for the use of ML, whilst our backend systems need to deal with scaling to ingest millions of events including product information, prices, images, and in-game activity supporting both our iOS and Android apps with authentication, analytics and tracking, I18n, and core game logic. It’s brain tingling work and the 15 strong team are growing to 40 before summer’s out. Whether you’re looking for a contract gig, or a permanent opportunity, we think you’ll love our attitude to team collaboration and product. Come and have a cup of tea and a chat to James Conroy-Finn to find out all about our plans and how you can help solve some super interesting problems. Drop me a line <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> or visit us below.

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