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Hey folks, Yet Analytics will be growing our team soon - probably early 2019. A more formal set of job listings will be forthcoming, but I wanted to put out an early advisory here, for any individuals looking to get a head-start on the conversation. We're a full-stack Clojure/Script & Datomic shop with work fairly evenly split between products and consulting. The xAPI ecosystem we operate in is growing fast and we are leaders in the space, with very few viable competitors. After all, IT'S JUST DATA!!! πŸ˜‰ You can find out more about us here: We're currently only looking for on-site folks (in Baltimore Maryland, US) or willing to relocate, but we may have remote options open up in the near future. For Clojure beginners, we're invested in helping you learn the ropes and nurturing your development towards becoming a seasoned Clojure developer. You'll be learning to use Clojure on the backend, frontend, integrations, and for slinging ontologies across the internet. For seasoned Clojure devs, this is a great opportunity for you to actually improve the world's learning technology by leveraging your expertise in data modeling, ETL, AI and/or analytics in order to bring the dreams of online educators to reality. We're super excited about the work we're doing and so are others, so if you're excited about what you can accomplish with Clojure, we want to hear from you! Just reach out to me via direct message here or email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Looking forward to hearing from you! - John

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