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Hey all. We have just started working with a really awesome Start-Up based in London. They are BIG advocates of Scrum and pair programming, as well as giving people the platform to come and use Clojure for the first time, this could be your first job using Clojure! They are building an AI research assistanst to aid analysts, as well as other automation tools. The tech is going to be trnasfered to different areas, and they are now looking to build out the core software and interface. As always, all the details can be found in the link:


We are looking for a senior person (again, you don't need to have commercial Clojure experience, but some homegrown experience or open source contributions would not go amiss), so you will need at least 5+ years experience to apply. Experience with other functional languages are VERY welcome.


Please DM me with any questions.

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