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Hello everyone. I work for a outsourcing type place here: We are looking for an experienced clojure person to both work with clients using Clojure, and train up some devs. Feel free to DM me for any details. Clojure backend, looks like node/angular/someother js stuff front end. Albuquerque NM, USA. No remote. Don't sponsor Visas. Will help with domestic relocation. EDIT: Also DM me if you submit application. I can speed up process I think.

Brian Marigmen22:08:56

Hello fellow Clojurians, CircleCI is hiring a Staff Backend Engineer. The person will program in Clojure and Go on a daily basis, working on a fully distributed engineering team. Yes remote. Don’t sponsor Visas. Regards, Brian CircleCI

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To be clear, this position is open to people outside the US, as well. 🗺️


Would you mind describing the interview process and timeframe?


This was the process when I applied and I don't think it has changed much:


Thanks @U0FTV149X, i’ll read that today