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I lead a team that is hiring Clojure people. Preference for Computer Science BS or higher. Open to considering folks without professional Clojure development experience or those who are eager to learn Clojure. Some of the technologies we're using include: * Clojure, ClojureScript * GraphQL, Lacinia * Database technologies, HugSQL, Postgres, Mongo, XML, etc. * AWS CloudSearch, Elastic Beanstalk, S3 * Google APIs * Lein, Deps, Docker, Maven, JFrog Artifactory * Apache Solr, Zookeeper, Kafka Most of our work is highly scalable back-end work involving databases, imaging, multithreading, web services, ETL and data conversion, transactions, etc. 30 person engineering team in a start-up environment. Presently our company requires that candidates are available to work on-site weekdays in San Jose, California, although would also consider candidates who are able to work in our Salisbury, NC office. Telecommuting is not presently an option, although perhaps someday. Authorization to work in the US is required. Please send e-mail to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you would be interesting in applying. (Note, Clojurians Slack messages are expiring too fast for direct messaging, so please send me an e-mail instead)

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@johnny.martin what about the inverse; no CS degree of any kind but working in clojure professionally for 4+ years building enterprise distributed systems? πŸ˜›

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@samueldev Good question! Preference for CS, but working in CLJ for 4+ years sounds fantastic. Please apply!