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We're a small company ( dealing with real time data infrastructure that has just finished raising our first round of funding. We are looking to hire a handful of engineers in the bay area (in SF ideally, but we offer commuter benefits) who love Clojure & Rust, or are looking to learn one of the two. We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and are heavy on equity allocation. The major buzzwords in our stack are: Clojure, Rust, React, Kubernetes, and Kafka. Watchful is a real time pattern matching platform that allows large organizations to route data in real time based on patterns in its content. We work in really interesting environments because our software gets installed on-prem (our first installation was on a super computer). Our customers range from large research institutions, to social media companies, to financial institutions, to cybersecurity companies, and everything in between. There's lots of work still left to be done across the stack, and huge potential for making a real impact on product vision and direction. We're looking for candidates who are come from distributed systems/ops backgrounds on one hand, or candidates who have lots of data viz/UX experience.

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