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@the2bears one team mate has been full remote for two years, I guess we could be flexible on the location if you could somehow share some working hours with Paris timezone.


Thanks @piotr2b, I was asking partially out of curiosity but also to let others know. I do like the idea of working in Europe though. May be the last item in my "career" bucket list 🙂


if you (like me) live in the uk and do clj it's becoming more tempting by the day to start working for a european co, haha

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@alex.lynham is that due to a lack of Clojure there? I'm in the SF area, but with the kid leaving for college in a year I'm getting the itch to have an adventure.


clojure is v v v v limited in the UK, there are teams here and there but it's concentrated in London and very little is remote


but when things do come up suddenly as a clojure dev you're worth your weight in gold, esp if like me you've multiple years of production work (as lots of people are still aspirational clojure devs rather than pro ones)


sorry that came off as a brag, I'm not trying to be a bighead, just saying that it's kind of london busses - when you're looking, there's rarely anything, then suddenly


we (yapster) are all remote @alex.lynham ... though perhaps we're in a minority


(also european cos are more tempting bc brexit)


@mccraigmccraig how large is the team? tbf I know @otfrom and co are remote as well


Maybe a discussion for #jobs-discuss ?

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We're looking to hire our first few engineers. Heavy systems focus, lots of ops, and generally a strong algorithmic background is a win. We have a massively scalable pattern matching platform which runs as part of our customers' stacks that we'd like to properly productize. Happy to provide more details, but some interesting things we'd like to work on in the near future are: observability, deployment (needs to be able to run practically anywhere), optimization, task/query scheduling, etc. Stack is Clojure/Rust, with heavy use of Kafka & Kubernetes. We're pretty early stage, but the product is solid today and we have active installations at some fairly large places. Looking for candidates in SF ideally but willing to chat generally even if that’s not the case. Feel free to PM for more info!

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Off topic : Cool to see rust usage which has good regex performance : . You might want to add it here