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Hi Everyone. If you are looking for work using Clojure (or any other Functional language for that matter), check us out. We are a tech platform helping to connect people with the latest FP jobs and content from the community. All of our site is built with Clojure and Clojurescript, and we are trying to build something that is really helpful to the community. We are on a big push to take on feedback and see what the features you would like to see next. So please DM me (or comment in a thread), with any suggestions you might have!


Well the site and onboarding is very nice, but I literally have 3 jobs visible right now, none of them in my country. So maybe focus on being more visible to companies ?

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I can't find any information on pricing or lifetime of job ads... Is that just me?


Also some more general remarks: * uBlock blocks quite a few requests * It does not render anything on the jobs pages when JavaScript is disabled, i.e. server-side rendering appears to be missing