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I work at Clubhouse if you have any questions ☝️:skin-tone-5:


@camille Is this for a specific city, or remote anywhere in the USA?


@mv can be remote anywhere in the US


Might be worth posting in #remote-jobs too


I run an early stage startup ( looking to make our first few hires in the next couple of months. We're in the process of raising some money, but figured it wouldn't hurt to start chatting with some interested folks ahead of time. We are a real time pattern matching platform designed to be able to run anywhere (cloud/bare metal/airgapped networks). Our language stack is Clojure and Rust, and we use Kafka & Kubernetes heavily. We have a "v1" product which is currently installed in places ranging from AWS/GCloud, to a government super computer. We're looking to chat with anyone in the bay area who gets excited about real time systems, functional programming, and building infrastructure that "just works". Feel free to ping me to dig a bit deeper.

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