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At Outward we are developing innovative technologies to drive our product lines and are looking for great talent in many areas to join our teams. We are growing fast and have roles across functional areas that include engineering, product, creative, quality, and more. I am leading a team that is hiring Clojure developers at various levels. We prefer software engineers who hold a BS or higher in computer science, and are open to considering folks without professional Clojure development experience who are eager to learn Clojure. Presently we are seeking candidates who are available to work on-site in San Jose, California. Some of the technologies we're using include: * Clojure * GraphQL, Lacinia * Apache Solr * Apache Zookeeper * Apache Kafka * Database technologies, Hugsql, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Solr, HDFS, etc. * Leiningen * Monitoring, logging, Grafana * A few experiments using other Clojure tools: lein-monolith, ClojureScript, figwheel, lumo, etc. Work is done in one of our two offices based in San Jose, CA or Salisbury, NC. Telecommuting is not presently an option, although perhaps someday soon. And authorization to work in the US is required. Please send e-mail to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you would be interesting in applying. (note, clojurians slack messages are expiring too fast for direct messaging, so please send me an e-mail instead)