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Functional-Tom12:01:55 Hey Everyone, we have multiple positions available at the best Clojure Shop in the UK. No prior commercial Clojure experience needed. Take a look at the link to see the full details, including: salary, company name, culture fit, technology stack etc...


Entrepreneur First is hiring, and I wrote a post about why Clojure is great and EF is great and it's great getting to do both together

Drew Verlee00:01:08

Cool! Is there a link to the positions there hiring for?


{OT] Great photo!


what is this, an accelerator of some kind?


Partly. We invest in people before they have a team or an idea, and help them find those things; then like a traditional accelerator we help them develop their product and raise funds.


It’s the way we engage early that makes us different: one of the most valuable things we do is to help people find a co-founder, which is typically a really difficult thing to do