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Outpost is looking for clojure engineers, especially senior, to join our platform team: We're building a real-time interaction platform, called Hero. To showcase that, we also built a multiplayer social game, SOS, designed to enable players to be performers. We're VC funded (Benchmark, Time Warner, Virgin, among others), and located in South San Francisco. Our platform team works on stateless and stateful services; REST, WebSocket, and GraphQL APIs; streaming and ETL data pipelines; problems in data storage, indexing, and surfacing. Think things like: scalable event systems for real-time interactions, low latency streaming pipelines for actionable post-game insights, or leveraging the interaction data in content discovery. We work mostly in clojure, with a bit of python (tools, scripts), JavaScript (React/Redux frontend), and leverage DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcached, Kinesis/Firehose, and bunch more AWS services. For details, DM me or checkout


Workframe (solving problems for interior designers, architects, and businesses building great spaces) is hiring in mobile. Please reach out if you have experience with Clojurescript. React Native and iOS. NYC local is ideal.