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conan11:07:35 out of interest, what are these functions for?


@conan : It's for generating training data for an OCR system I'm building for my yet to launch startup.


The gig is no longer available - I clobbered together a few stack overflow responses and got it working.


Hi everyone, district0x is searching for an expert Clojurescript developer to join us in building the future of decentralized, Web 3.0 marketplaces. Requirements: - Experience with building front-end for web applications using Clojurescript - Experience with using re-frame v0.8 library - Willing to accept salary paid in Ether/Bitcoin cryptocurrency Nice to have: - Deep understanding of how the Ethereum network works - Experience building smart contracts with Solidity Location: remote Our website: Job post on Ethlance: Job post on braveclojure: