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We’re looking for a couple of Clojure developers wanting to come to Arnhem, The Netherlands, to work on real-time energy data authorization gateway at grid operator Alliander. Please contact me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


@nicorikken Is there a requirement to speak Dutch? Does the company sponsor visas for (non-EU) foreigners?


We have past experience with developers not speaking Dutch. It is more complicated, but certainly doable. I’m not sure about visas. I can ask. As we’re mainly a Java shop where developers are omnipresent, I can imagine that might be a bit too adventurous for management. Still, I can always ask (I’m a dev on the team)


Hello, clojurians of San Francisco. I’m the CTO. of Topology Eyewear ( ). I’m looking for a contractor who has some experience with (or a truly zealous enthusiasm for) clojure, datomic, and AWS. To describe the work briefly, this is for enhancements to a Clojure-based scalable task queue that manages compute jobs for our made-to-measure eyewear product. What does that mean? Basically We have an iOS app that takes a selfie video, then we use our own computer vision models to build a 3D model of your face, then we offer an augmented reality try-on of glasses, and finally we have custom manufacturing technology to build a pair of glasses based on the 3D model. Clojure runs our API server and job runner. The code is stable, fairly well documented, and I can describe it in detail since I wrote it. This contract would be a for a minimum of a couple weeks, with opportunity for a longer-term engagement or a full-time role. On-site full-time in San Francisco. You’d get to see our manufacturing robots! Please DM me if you’re curious.


alexisgallagher: Wow, cool product. 👍


Thanks! We’re proud of it. We setup a stall at Maker Faire just last weekend and sold a lot of pairs. Only one crash!


Looks very cool


I can put anyone here on the VIP beta if you’re curious to run it on your phone and buy glasses right now. You can get your face scanned and buy glasses in under 10 minutes. 🙂


hey didn’t know your guys were using Clojure. Super cool product.


Yeah, Clojure has been running our backend API server and job running infra for I think about a year, maybe longer, flawlessly without a hiccup.


At Outward, we are developing innovative technologies to drive our product lines and are looking for great talent to join our teams. We are growing fast and have roles across functional areas that include engineering, product, creative, quality, and more. In particular, we are expanding our core software development team. We have many Clojure development openings at various levels in various roles. We require software engineers who hold a BS or higher in computer science, and are open to considering folks without professional Clojure development experience who are eager to learn Clojure. Some of the technologies we're using include, * Clojure * GraphQL, Lacinia * Apache Kafka, Zookeeper * Database technologies, Hugsql, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Mongo, HDFS, etc. * lein-monolith * Provisioning and PAAS things, e.g., Vagrant, Docker, AWS, Ansible, Chef, etc. * Monitoring, logging, Reimann * clojure.spec * A few experiments with cljs tools: Om/Next, figwheel, lumo, etc. We are rebuilding and replacing various in-house legacy Python applications. Demand for company's offerings is accelerating and we are aiming to re-architect with a flexible micro-services infrastructure to scale meeting the new demand and to accommodate wider variety of customer work flows. Direct message if you would be interesting in applying.