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You’d probably want to call one of thier business peeps … I’d call Jenn Hillner, Business Development, Cognitect, <tel:617-285-1103|617-285-1103>


Hi everyone. Due to a variety of circumstances, we have found ourselves being forced to look for outside help on the following project. I know this is really too short term, but here goes:

We are looking for a tightly knit pre-existing team of 2-3 senior engineers to build the backend of a web shop as a (micro-)service, and expose json APIs to integrate with our business community platform, both for the browser application (es6), and a core server component (clojure).  This backend may potentially proxy an existing e-commerce solution in order to provide the required custom functionality The job would involve coming to Switzerland and working closely together with the platform team to make this happen, however the outside team would be accorded a high degree of autonomy to build the service. The service should go live by the end of May. We are asking everywhere right know, and plan to decide by Friday on who we will give the contract to.

High-level requirements:
 - E-shop with about 70 products
 - Products have a configurator which allows for many variants per product
 - Atypical product order workflow where delivery may be manually requested after purchase
 - Google spreadsheets API integration for pricing
 - Grouped orders for quick re-order and per-group order history
 - Business account with multi-user access to same orders and order groups
 - Vouchers
 - Shared user management and SSO with the business community platform (using auth0)
If assistance can be provided with the front-end, this is welcome. Such assistance would however involve less autonomy, working on an existing frontend project which is not written in cljs but in es6 using react/flux/webpack. Feel free to look us up on Thanks for getting in touch if you see an opportunity here!


I’m not the contact for that position, but I do work very closely with that team and can answer questions