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Hello clojurians, I am looking for clojurescript freelance gigs. For the past 5 years I have been programming native apps for Android and iOS using Java / Kotlin and Objective-C / Swift My current focus is react, react-native, clojurescript, reagent, re-frame for web, iOS and Android. At the moment I am finishing up two Clojurescript / react-native apps: One app I created for an solar plant construction company in California which they use to track progress of build sites. Another app I created for an university in Norway which tracks behaviour and motivation of patients. My strength is that I am flexible, work autonomically, communicate progress well and I deliver early and often. Day rate is 300 euro which is based on 6 effective hours at 50 euro per hour. As a freelancer based in Germany I am able to invoice American companies without any issues. No agencies and recruiters ‚úč I like to work for customers directly.


hi all! I am looking for a Cljs/JS developer to implement a simple JavaScript analytics library similar to Google Analytics, if you are interested let me know and we can start hacking