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To follow-up on my message from last friday, here is the full job description we are opening:


@pyr you mentioned it was in Lausanne, is the offer only for EU citizens?


@facundo It certainly makes things easier for immigration (Switzerland is not in the EU but has provisions to bring in EU residents, bringing in people from outside the EU is harder - but still doable)


hi @jeffwilde is the machine learning part a requirement ? or is someone willing to learn a good fit as well ? 🙂


hi @kaffein, applicants only need web development experience; we have a separate ML team. With that said, it is a small company, and so it is a great opportunity for somebody with web development experience that has an interest in gaining some machine learning exposure.


awesome thanks for the quick response @jeffwilde


Hi Folks, Yummly is now looking to hire two people or "sufficiently advanced compilers": 1. Person who genuinely enjoys programming and likes Clojure a lot and Scala a bit 2. Person who genuinely enjoys programming and likes Scala a lot and Clojure a bit and in addition to making APIs there are, of course, a bunch of other things to work on (and everyone can work on the things they like) * Database-ish-stuff (Postgres (and some Datomic)) * Automate-all-the-things-stuff including lots of using Clojure to wrangle Docker * Security: being paranoid up to but not including the point where it stops being fun. * ClojureScript: making mundane tasks fun by using neet-o-languages * JavaScript+react+all-that-stuff if your interested * Android+iOS+visual design. * having opinions: on how things should actually be done to make them more fun!


Would this be remote, or a particular geographic location?