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@camsaul Nice project, nice UI 😄


Hello lovely people! London based uSwitch is looking for more people. We have self-contained teams with large degree of freedom. Our main tools of choice at the moment are Clojure, Ruby, React and Docker + AWS, but there is much more in various teams across company. We look for more senior people interested in owning products. In my personal experience: right mix of challenge and support. If that sounds interesting feel free to ping me. Full-time, on-site, visa sponsorship for the right people.


Great interview process I might add, go talk to them 🙂


@aleksanders I just wish you guys were allowing (partial) remote within the UK.


@sgerguri the way we're setup really benefits from sitting next to each other. the ability to overhear and join random conversations of your colleagues does wonders


I've heard that you can successfully set up companies for remote work, but we haven't done it ...


I’m not disputing that. It’s just that this locks out people who cannot/don’t want to relocate but would be willing to brave the occasional commute to London.