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@danielcompton is there a channel for job seekers?


@danielcompton Thanks, didn't realize. Removed.


@danielcompton yeah, but the room’s description says something else


I would, calmly this time, like to make the case for keeping the purpose of this channel more open to jobs-related content, rather than restricting it to only job offers. We already have three English-language jobs channels, and fragmenting such a low-traffic channel further does not seem to me to be warranted. It doesn't even really seem possible, because people will continue to naturally post any jobs-related content in a channel called #jobs.


I ain't EVEN getting involved!


Man I am finally in a position to look for a part time Clojure dev job and now I have no idea which channel to post to! ¯\(ツ)


I'm not even sure who's in charge of this decision ? Could someone please step up and make a statement ?


I've pinged the rest of the admin team to chime in here. I have no strong opinions on this. On most of Slacks I'm involved with, the #jobs channel exists primarily so recruiters don't spam other channels but are otherwise not much policed.


Same here, I don’t have a strong opinion but I’m leaning towards leaving this channel as is, with job offers, job seekers and occasional discussion. There’s really not that much traffic to restrict its usage


The original purpose (to hire or be hired) was set by one of the admins who set up most of this Slack so I'm inclined to revert to their intent.


thanks sean 🙂


I think it should be mentioned: enforcing a prohibition here against job-seekers always seemed to lead to significant negativity.


I would assume most folks here are job seekers but I don't see the harm in folks explicitly stating what they're looking for -- "discussions" can always be politely redirected to #jobs-discuss