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Hey everyone! We have built chatbot recruitment assistant and invite the community members to the beta-test. Link to install Also check full instructions with demo and tutorials XOR allows its users to search for jobs in tech and hire tech talent around the world, as well as manage the recruitment process directly from the messenger. The database of vacancies and the positions replenished by members of online communities where XOR is installed, and also by teams and people who install it to their favorite messenger. For now over 20 super active communities from Europe, USA, Russia and CIS are our permanent partners. Feel free to check them up: OpenDataScience, CreativeRussia, AndroidUnited, BotMakers, DevOpsChat, Erlanger, HexLet-ru, Softwaretesters, OdeskConf, OTP-Russian, SPB-Frontend, Node-JS, FunctionalProgramming, Dev4Slack, Scotchio etc. More information can be found at XORbot is now on the public beta, you can install it to your team and post vacancies completely free. We would appreciate it if you told us about your experience and first impression at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Basic XOR commands are available from the bot’s main menu: For candidates: XORbot sends only the relevant jobs to you, and you can communicate employer directly from the messenger.Before you apply to a job, employer will not see your resume. To fill in the profile hit Job search button of XOR main menu. For hiring teams: XORbot sends you only relevant candidates that are already interested in your vacancy and you can manage whole recruitment process from your messenger via bot (contact all of your candidates, add notes, schedule interviews, etc.). You can fill in the vacancy by Hire button. The app is now on the public beta, you can post vacancies completely free. There are also Help and Support buttons at the main menu if you need help from XOR team. We would highly appreciate any feedback from the community!


I… uh… what?


ai_aida sounds like a good idea!