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At Cognician, we are hiring a TechOps engineer in Cape Town, South Africa. you may have heard about us on the podcast:


Clubhouse is based in NY, NY and we are looking for a Server Software Engineer - You may have heard one of our server devs on the Cognicast last month -


We’re looking for a lot of senior engineers here at Climate ( We’ve got a lot of Clojure here, other stuff too. Offices are in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Saint Louis. No remote work unfortunately. Really big data: regular satellite imagery for the entire corn belt of the USA, we’ll be in the petabytes before the end of the year. The offices are nice, catered meals, free kegs, etc., and the traditional benefits are really good too. We have real paying customers and a lot of them. (Fair warning, the parent company is Monsanto, some people might have an issue with that.) Ping me if you are interested.


appreciate the transparency about the parent company


Thanks, just trying to be up-front. I personally find transgenics quite interesting (my MS thesis was in genetic computation) but I know a lot of people have different views.


I'd like to publicly apologize to @akiva for my tone during our conversation the other day. I was wrong to be so confrontational, and I should have approached it in a more constructive way. I'm sorry.


No harm, no foul, @bhagany. It’s all good.


you are gracious, thank you


@cgore I know more people who have issues with Monsanto’s lawsuit-happy tactics than with transgenics, but that’s off-topic. Transparency is still appreciated, and I think in tone with the channel, as it’s relevant to the offer itself.