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I’m an experienced platform developer (+15yrs) with experience in Clojure/Clojurescript looking for full-time remote work, preferably in a Clojure shop obvi! Primary experience from developing side-project content hosting site using: • Boot • AWS: ElasticBeanstalk/Docker; S3 (S3FS), Route53, DynamoDB, ElasticTranscoder, Amazon SNS/Lambda • Datomic (DynamoDB-backed) • Nginx-Clojure with streaming support • REST API (Ring/Compojure/Liberator, Transit-based) • Dynamic templated pages • Reagent Resume:


@georgek Do you have interest in music? If this looks interesting, please DM me!


Thanks, I’ll check it out and get back to you!


Looking for Clojure developer with Experience in Selenium and Email libraries. Start ASAP. Remote OK. Please DM me.