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Multiple openings for full time backend Clojure devs. Its a well funded, fast growing startup that created the mobile CRM space. We use Clojure for all of the backend. And the company has been using Clojure from inception. You'll find senior Lispers that can mentor you. Past Clojure experience is not a requirement, but love for FP certainly is. Location - Pune (India). Onsite only. PM me for more details.


Dev available from May here guys simple_smile

Josh Horwitz13:04:10

Dev available here as well. My infant daughter passed away 3 weeks ago and it has made me see life differently, and to follow your dreams because life is short. Part of my dreams is to finally write Clojure full time.


@joshua.d.horwitz: Condolences. I admire your step.


Room Key is looking for a backend developer to work from beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia. See our job posting here:


are you guys 100% clojure? back-end and front-end?


100% back end for more than five years. Front end is not Clojure, but we have just started a greenfield project that uses ClojureScript


I’m thinking we’ll transition to Clojurescript slowly for our single page main app, but all new projects will probably be Clojurescript.


👍 that’s really cool


Kira Inc. is looking for clojure web developers near Toronto Canada. Though we prefer local, remote is welcome too.

Josh Horwitz19:04:10

@cch1: Is remote an option at all for that position?


@joshua.d.horwitz: Generally, no. At an absolute minimum, we want candidates to spend one week a month in our Charlottesville office and bootstrap with one solid month here. IOW, your home base needs to be here. Thereafter, we have very generous remote work policies. We have had some employees working 95% remotely for almost an entire year, and month long remote assignments are fairly easy to arrange.


One week a month is 75% remote max, isn't it?


Yep. If you’ve been here a bit and proven yourself, that max goes higher.


@dottedmag: unless you do a lot of overtime remote 😛


@dottedmag: that max of all-but-one-week-a-month-remote was setup to reinforce two points: #1 this is not a position for somebody with a home base outside the Charlottesville area, and #2, once you’ve addressed #1, you have a lot of flexibility.