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so, still early days and might go either way, but I might need 2 experienced clojure contractors to be onsite in London for 3-6 months. (sorry about the onsite, but the client insists on it). It would be building a system to get data from some web APIs and put the data onto kafka (where another process stores it in s3). There will also be a bit of training of the team at the site you'd be working at. CVs, questions, etc to bruce @


Thanks @josh.freckleton I did just apply. But isn't it Clojure-specific?


Good question, and since most CLJ guys know other stuff, I figured it'd help people find any jobs matching their skills. But I like the idea, should I make a CLJ specific "job board"?


@josh.freckleton: probably current one is better. I had a talked today to FunctionalWorks and they told me that all jobs are in-office ones.


So, there's probably a tend to hire Clojure programmers to offices.


I only once worked in Clojure, finding a job on Upwork


As I see it, we should market Clojure as a solution (to particular problem) that is much fatser. I.e. it's faster to develop something in Clojure than in other language.


The problem is that it isn't like that simple_smile


@josh.freckleton: Is there any "Clojurists" website like ? If not, would you like to create one?


who is hiring clojure programmers in seattle?


@hiredman: Good question since I'm moving there. I arrive via Amtrak this Friday.


Good question for me as well 😉

Josh Horwitz20:03:38

Wish I could help, but I am in Ann Arbor!