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CN Commerce is hiring a front-end developer to join us building the new in ClojureScript with Reagent. There's plenty of Clojure backend too. We're based in Camden - get in touch for details!


I'm the tech lead for our web team at the moment, so if you've got any questions then fire 'em over and I'll be happy to answer.


We're also looking for an experienced devops person too, so if you wanna come and help Dockerise all our Clojure apps then drop me a line.


@conan: would working from home some of the time be Ok with you? (I am based in the south of the UK)


I'm afraid we can't take on remote workers at the moment, sorry! The odd day from home is OK, but you'd need to be based in our office by default.


That's too bad... I'm looking for some clojure remote work, and I've got experience in devops/docker as well. I'm nowhere near Camden though simple_smile


@conan: do you have a spec to share? I have a couple of clojure peeps who are not in this group yet that I’d like to share this with.


@mikeholmesuk: we've just noticed some errata so we're fixing it up, will post it asap


Sorry, it's taking time. We're looking for someone with strong CSS skills because right now that's what we need, but ideally someone who wants to get involved in a bunch of ClojureScript too. It's an ambitious project to build a luxury content-driven ecommerce website.