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I work for NAVIS in Bend, Oregon. I’m the team lead on new software development, and I’ve got a team of 10 (and growing) Clojure/CLJS devs for writing greenfield software. We’re using Datomic, and hand-rolling a batteries-included web framework that we’ll be open-sourcing soon. It is either going to be based on Om-next, or will be a fork of it. In-office environment. Modeling development environment on best humane agile practices (lean, kanban, self-organizing teams, bdd (we’re building our own testing extenstions for clojure/cljs.test)). It is a great mix of end-user software development (SaaS business model) and research-like dynamics (for building the foundational stuff). Contact <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if interested. Or ping me on here (I hang out in #C06DT2YSY a lot)


I’ll also be at Conj next month