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life insurance is one of the few products you can’t purchase online - we’re going to fix that. i recently left dropbox and am building this with @dnolen’s dream machine: om next, clojurescript, clojure, datomic. looking for full stack engineer to join me. we are vc backed and offer competitive salary / equity. full posting here: direct message @jdubie if you are interested.


@jdubie: where is it based?


Hello people, we have an opening for a permanent Clojure developer at the Mailonline London. Although with some flexibility this is an in-office role. Here are some details. You can think what you want of the Dailymail (and I won’t take offence for that simple_smile but the developer team here is top-notch. The entire web front-end and many other services at the Mail are written in high-performant production-proof Clojure (22k+ LOC) and some ClojureScript too. Process-wise we enjoy a great deal of autonomy so new Clojure projects are created on a regular basis. There are opportunities to learn other languages too (we have plenty of JS and Haskell) and great bonuses. For more details drop me a line at reborg at reborg dot net or slack-me. Don’t miss it, it won’t last for long simple_smile


@gjnoonan: we are based in Menlo park CA. Also looking for an in office role. Great opportunity for someone who wants to use clojure(script) on a greenfield project and work on a small team