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If anybody hiring remote contractors (any size) let me know simple_smile


Hey everyone! There's a high likelihood that Upworthy is going to be hiring for a pile of engineering positions in the coming months. The team is 100% remote, has an unlimited vacation policy, and has a great mission. The job postings aren't up yet, but you can read more about the company here ( ) and what it's like to work there here ( ). We use clj and cljs for a variety of things, including our analytics pipeline and the user interfaces to our web applications. If that sounds intriguing, hit me up.


P.S. Everyone is encouraged to apply, but we'd be particularly excited to receive applications from more diverse candidates.


@zane: looks nice simple_smile Are international candidates allowed?


International candidates would need to be able to legally work in the U.S., and would need to be able to attend meetings during U.S. working hours.


oh, that's a shame


Yeah… Here's hoping we get big enough to have an international operation some day!


@zane are those current openings accurate?


Like I said, unless something unexpected happens we'll be posting a bunch of dev positions soon.


Just wanted to start getting the word out early.


sorry — missed that bit


@tom: we could potentially use a full-time remoter as long as you're in the U.S., communicate well by Slack, and have a track record of getting things done.


although most of our engineers are close to Boston, NYC, or Portland, where we have offices


@zane upworthy looks interesting. I'm not really looking at the moment, but be sure to post in this channel when those jobs come available, because "ensuring that women are seen as full human beings" struck a chord with me. All that + clojure sounds amazing.


that's pretty much the reason I asked about it, that's way more useful to the world than my current job