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It's Friday, treat yourself to a new job in London:


@bsima: only looking for contractor gigs? not interested in a real job?


@ljosa: I'd take a real job, but I'm heavily leaning toward remote b/c I told a friend I'd rent a room from her in Irvine CA (moving from cold Rochester NY makes me so happy), so I figure contractors are more likely to be remote workers


@bsima: although we prefer people within driving distance of Boston, New York, or Portland, OR, we’re also interested in remoters as long as they live in the U.S., communicate well via Slack, and have a track record of getting stuff done. take a look at our webpage and see if you’re at all interested. I came from computational biology myself as well, and couldn’t be happier. We started using Clojure for data sciency stuff, but now we’re using it more and more for core infrastructure.


cool - I'll take a look. Thanks @ljosa! What did you do in computational biology?


@bsima: morphological profiling based on image data.