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looking for a job that is remote, mix of ruby and clojure or clojure (~1 year learning clojure, 9 yrs ruby, been programming since age 13)


Hey everyone, looking for a full time Clojure/Clojurescript (Om front end) developer in Melbourne, Australia. Send info <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


Hey. I am looking for a new job atm. Ideally: clojure + distributed backends / microservices + product company + Berlin, Germany. Please get in touch, even if the position diverges from that. "Product company" is pretty much a must have though.


@nblumoe: is remote work something you consider / like?


while certainly looking for people to write some clj generally at Funding Circle — I would be super excited to talk to anyone interested in focusing on simulation testing / simulant. We’re in SF, colocated is ideal.


@rob: If you’re open to remotes, perhaps we can talk. I’ve got no specific experience with simulant however. Always willing to learn, and have plenty of CS / Clojure / JVM experience otherwise.


@rob @avey_q is the one to talk to about simulant