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@dkvasnicka: I get back to you maybe later today, otherwise tomorrow, kinda swamped in work right now


hi! i'm looking for a clojure developer to help us with scaling an existing .NET application, including rewrites in clojure and aide in moving off a MSSQL db to a more scalable solution


NYC/Brooklyn location is a plus


hit me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you have interest


Howdy folks, I'm looking for somebody local to the Durham, NC area to help with the Om/Clojurescript frontend or the Clojure backend of a video game streaming / social media platform that my company ( is building for a client. Location is more important than master-level Clojure skills, although of course both would be great. simple_smile PM me if you're interested or if you know anybody who is, thanks!


If anyone's interested in potentially hiring participants of this weekend's ClojureBridge, feel free to send me info! I'll forward your job description to anyone who expresses interest. It's held in the Cologne/Bonn region of Germany; English and/or German is fine.