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Ищем 5го кложа-бекендера, Москва, офис (проспект мира), оплата в $. Пишите на <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Формальное скучное описание:

Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced software engineer interested in all aspects of the creation, growth and operations of a secure web-based platform: front-to-back features development, distributed deployment and automation in the cloud, build and test automation etc. Like all team members you will be in charge of development of new features from early design and prototyping to maintenance in production, and of exploring innovative solutions to answer current and future business needs.

Position requirements:
Clojure [or a Scheme or Common Lisp, or a willingness to learn];
Solid background in languages like Java, Python or JavaScript;
Willingness to work closely with collaborators;
Cloud hosted systems; deployment on AWS.