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hey y’all, I’ve written a draft of a blog post that’s meant to encourage programmers to learn Clojure, and that will highlight companies that are hiring & will train devs to write Clojure. I’d love any feedback, and I’d love to hear if your company should be included: edit: For companies to be included, I’d want to be able to link to their profile on my job board, - it’s free to create a profile

Piotr Roterski22:02:31

Awesome take. I love the links. Makes me excited about clojure and what awesome stuff it empowers people to build.

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@U0AQ1R7FG Someone over at Zulip a 15 minute video to pitch Clojure to their CEO. X-posting my reply. Crib at will! ---

I don't know of a 15 minute authoritative video, but maybe it's possible to give an elevator pitch.

We wrote [something like that]() for a workshop we teach. I've pasted it below and adapted slightly for your question:

**What is Clojure?**

Clojure is an interactive, dynamic functional programming language that avails a business the following strategic leverage points.

**Multi-platform reach**

- Investment payoff up/down/across the company's software stack
- It can run on many platforms like the [JVM](), [.NET CLR](),  [Javascript]() (browsers, nodeJS, React Native), as [native binaries]() via Graalvm, and even as [shell scripts]()!

**Serious Adoption**

- From superpower companies, to superpowering one-person shops
- It is [used by software teams worldwide]() to deliver high-value software systems at giant companies like Apple, Walmart, to "decacorns" like GoJek, Nubank, unicorns like Grammarly, Reify Health, to a wide array of startups, and one-person businesses like .

**Strong Appeal**

- Its interactivity and dynamism foster a sense of playfulness that attracts all manner of [creative makers]( as well as serious artists and musicians.
- Attracts experienced programmers and keeps them going

**Thoughtful Community**

- A small but vibrant [global community]() is [busy building amazing things]() with the language.
- Tackling a wide variety of hard problems, with a firm emphasis on longevity and backwards compatibility.


@U051MHSEK this is great, thank you 🙂

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Ben Sless07:02:55

You can add Appsflyer to the list

Ben Sless07:02:24

I can't speak for them, but probably Walmart Labs. Some teams in Cisco, too


Your sentiment is exactly what I've told people before. I don't spend my free time coding and clojure has allowed me to produce significant results and "get out". I care about being as effective as possible, but only because I don't want to have to deal with production issues or spend a lot of time at the keyboard. Also your book was among the first resources I used to help me get started wrapping my head around functional programming and clojure back in ~2015 😉

Laura Petrescu13:03:33

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